Original Cyanotype On Porcelain

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Free UK delivery
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Original, X-small circular cyanotype on porcelain.
Hand-brush coated.
Handprinted on hand shaped bisque fired porcelain disk. 

This artwork was inspired by the ancient Egyptian goddess Hathor. Associated with re-birth, rejuvenation, inspiration and light. She is the cosmic mother of the skies, sun, fertility, goddess of women, joy, celebration and love.

Hathor Study On Porcelain (XS) was created by photographing a hand-cut collage of female portraiture, hand printed surface textures of a paper chemigram negative representing the sun disk. The digital negative was then contact printed onto a hand shaped, bisque fired porcelain disk brush coated with cyanotype chemicals and left to dry in a dark room. Once exposed to light, the piece was washed and soaked for a 3-4 weeks to develop a pale cyan blue print before drying.


Dimensions - 50mm diameter (unframed 145mm diameter (framed) 

Substrate - Handprinted onto 3mm thick bisque fired, hand shaped paper porcelain disk, linen pressed texture.

Mount - It is recommended to keep this piece float mounted when framing.

Framing - This artwork is sold unframed.

Should you wish to have your item framed differently by us please get in touch or choose the framing option. We have good relationships with expert framers - we can arrange for the perfect frame or simply offer free advice.

Framing will be float mounted in a bespoke, handmade small circular frame. The frame is a deep box frame, museum grade, UV protected, anti reflective glass fronted and with a smooth white finish.


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An Original
Chloe McCarrick

Circular Frame

in Sunlight

From an
Original Collage


Hathor was known as the golden goddess
She helped women to give birth, the dead to be reborn, and the cosmos to be renewed
In time she came to be considered the ultimate personification of kindness and love
Hathor feature
bespoke ciricular frame


Optional circular frames are
hand-crafted in a London workshop
Finished with anti-reflective,
UV protected museum grade glazing
Float mounted and recommended
specifically to complement the piece


Each Chloe McCarrick cyanotype is an
original one of its kind artwork
Female empowerment, natural history
and science are recurring themes
Constructing narratives from the lives
of extraordinary, trailblazing women
bespoke ciricular frame2