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Article: In the Lens of Foto Femme United

Chloe McCarrick Cyanotype Artist Photo Femme United

In the Lens of Foto Femme United

I'm pleased to share my recent feature in Foto Femme United, an inspiring Paris-based platform that champions the diversity, equity, and inclusion of female and non-binary photographers globally.

Their commitment to empowering women and non-binary photographers aligns perfectly with my own beliefs and aspirations in the industry.

Poppies in October, Ode To Sylvia In White (featured in Photo Femme United)

The article, "Beyond the Blue," delves into the world of cyanotype photography, putting a spotlight on my work. It explores how my creations, deeply rooted in extensive research and curiosity, blend artistic techniques with a contemporary edge. This journey redefines traditional rules to craft a unique style that visualises the stories of remarkable women and their often-untold achievements and struggles.

For more detailed insights into my featured work and artistic journey, I encourage you to read the full article on Foto Femme United's website.

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