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Discover Marie Curie

A Life of Discovery

This visionary chemist's legacy is honoured through this collection of original cyanotypes inspired by the radiant pioneer Marie Curie.

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Burning the Midnight OilBurning the Midnight Oil
Metamorphosis of Marie XLMetamorphosis of Marie XL
Metamorphosis of Marie XL
Sold Sale price$4,850
Circular Nobel Marie StudyCircular Nobel Marie Study
Nobel Marie Study in Blue XLNobel Marie Study in Blue XL
Metamorphosis of Marie XSMetamorphosis of Marie XS
Nobel Marie XLNobel Marie XL
Nobel Marie XL
Sold Sale price$2,900
Metamorphosis of Marie Il StudyMetamorphosis of Marie Il Study
Metamorphosis of Marie Il Study
Sold Sale price$750
Metamorphosis of Marie IIIMetamorphosis of Marie III
Nobel Marie Study in Gold XLNobel Marie Study in Gold XL
Nobel Marie Study in Gold XL
Sold Sale price$2,900
Atomic (Madame Curie Study)Atomic (Madame Curie Study)
Metamorphosis Of MarieMetamorphosis Of Marie
Metamorphosis of Marie II XLMetamorphosis of Marie II XL