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All Cyanotypes

Inspired by extraordinary women, each cyanotype is an original, handcrafted creation, developed on handmade paper from collages, photographic portraiture, photograms, and contact prints of natural forms and found objects.

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Suspended in DreamsSuspended in Dreams
In The Pursuit Of KnowledgeIn The Pursuit Of Knowledge
Siren SongsSiren Songs
Siren Songs
Golden Circle
Sale price$903.00
Beneath the Vaulted CanopyBeneath the Vaulted Canopy
The Future of the Engineering Sisterhood StudyThe Future of the Engineering Sisterhood Study
Circular Nobel Marie StudyCircular Nobel Marie Study
Circular Nobel Marie Study
Sale price$741.00
Amelia the AviatressAmelia the Aviatress
Siren SongsSiren Songs
Queen BessieQueen Bessie
Poppies in October XSPoppies in October XS
The Countess of CountingThe Countess of Counting
Poetical SciencePoetical Science
Celestial SymphonyCelestial Symphony
Celestial Symphony
Ode to Selene
Sold Sale price$2,054.00
The Art Of ConservationThe Art Of Conservation
Sketches In NatureSketches In Nature
Sketches In Nature
Ode To Beatrix Potter
Sold Sale price$741.00
Orbital EchoesOrbital Echoes
The Flowering Genius StudyThe Flowering Genius Study
The Colossus WithinThe Colossus Within
Aerial GraceAerial Grace
Aerial Grace
Tiny's Parachute Ballet
Sold Sale price$1,239.00
Wings and the Woman In GoldWings and the Woman In Gold
Metamorphosis of Marie XSMetamorphosis of Marie XS
Metamorphosis of Marie XS
Sale price$492.00
Wings and the Woman XLWings and the Woman XL
On the Wings of CourageOn the Wings of Courage
Poppies At DuskPoppies At Dusk
Poppies At Dusk
Sylvia's Dance of Shadows
Sold Sale price$1,239.00