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Square and Rectangular Cyanotypes

Crafted as storybook windows, these original cyanotypes, in both square and rectangular formats, invite you to delve into the lives of these female pioneers. Each piece weaves the narrative of awe-inspiring female figures through intriguing visual compositions.

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Aerial GraceAerial Grace
Aerial Grace
Tiny's Parachute Ballet
Sold Sale price$1,239.00
Poppies At DuskPoppies At Dusk
Poppies At Dusk
Sylvia's Dance of Shadows
Sold Sale price$1,239.00
Queen Bessie's AscentQueen Bessie's Ascent
Queen Bessie's Ascent
to the Heavens
Sold Sale price$2,427.00
Aphrodite in the Deep BlueAphrodite in the Deep Blue
Aphrodite in the Deep Blue
Sale price$368.00
Wings and the WomanWings and the Woman
Hypatia's Celestial CalculationsHypatia's Celestial Calculations
Hypatia's Celestial Calculations
Sold Sale price$281.00
Counting Her Way to the StarsCounting Her Way to the Stars
Lady Lepidopterist StudyLady Lepidopterist Study
Portrait of DianaPortrait of Diana
A Reign of Decadence and DefianceA Reign of Decadence and Defiance
Suspended in DreamsSuspended in Dreams
To The Lighthouse Study In GoldTo The Lighthouse Study In Gold
Beneath the Vaulted CanopyBeneath the Vaulted Canopy
Hathor At DawnHathor At Dawn
Hathor At Dawn
Sold Sale price$2,179.00
In The Pursuit Of KnowledgeIn The Pursuit Of Knowledge
The Countess of CountingThe Countess of Counting
Poetical SciencePoetical Science
Celestial SymphonyCelestial Symphony
Celestial Symphony
Ode to Selene
Sold Sale price$2,054.00
The Art Of ConservationThe Art Of Conservation
The Flowering Genius StudyThe Flowering Genius Study
The Colossus WithinThe Colossus Within
Wings and the Woman In GoldWings and the Woman In Gold
Wings and the Woman XLWings and the Woman XL
Reverie In a Bell JarReverie In a Bell Jar