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About Chloe McCarrick

About Chloe McCarrick

Chloe McCarrick is a London-based photographer and mixed-media printmaker.

She initially studied fine art and art history, and later focused on photography, lens-based media, and printmaking. After graduating from university, Chloe lectured in photography and interactive media. She worked in further and higher education for almost eight years before embarking on a full-time career as a practising and exhibiting artist upon relocating to London.

Best known for her circular cyanotypes, her work explores the boundless possibilities of image production in the age of modern printmaking, with the aim of reinventing, recycling, redefining, experimenting, and preserving.

Inspired by themes of natural history, influential women, and science, Chloe's dedicated research process adds an element of intrigue to her work, resulting in a fascinating and distinctive portfolio of artworks. Freedom and experimentation are key factors in developing her personal style, through rule-breaking and fusing art forms and techniques together, taking inspiration from traditional approaches to image-making and giving them a contemporary technological twist.

Female empowerment is a recurring theme running throughout her work, constructing visual narratives of the lives of extraordinary, trailblazing women – celebrating their achievements, uncovering their struggles, and chronicling the stories of these often unsung heroines.

Chloe McCarrick regularly exhibits internationally, appearing for the past few years at Le Salon Nationale Des Beaux-Arts in Paris, Affordable Art Fair London, New York, Hong Kong, Melbourne, and Singapore, and The Other Art Fair, curated by Saatchi Art, in London, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Brooklyn. Other notable exhibitions include InPrint - A Celebration of British Contemporary Printmakers and Every Woman Biennial London.

Her work is held in the permanent heritage collection for Le Salon Des Beaux Arts foundation in Paris. She was nominated as a Rising Star for both Saatchi Art/The Other Art Fair and The Crafts Council UK in 2019, 2020, and 2021.

In 2023, Chloe witnessed a further expansion of her collector base while extending her presence across North America, Scandinavia, and the Asia Pacific through various exhibitions and group shows. This international reach sets the stage for her first solo show in LA, planned for early 2024, reflecting her growing acclaim.

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‘I hope my visual storytelling ignites imaginations and rouses a curiosity to delve deeper and discover more about the lives of these remarkable women. I want people to feel connected, connected to their stories and to notice the unnoticed.’

Artist Statement

My work is a visual celebration of female trailblazers and heroines, past and present, using alternative process photography to create an illuminating memorial honouring these fascinating and often overlooked figures. Shining a vital spotlight on these extraordinary characters, I aim to place women’s history firmly within current cultural narratives by pushing the boundaries of how female photographic portraiture is viewed in the modern world.

Through rule-breaking and blending mediums, I use traditional photographic techniques with a contemporary, technological twist – a fusion of science, history, and darkroom alchemy. By examining and developing innovative ways of reworking photographic, painted, and illustrated images, I use the medium of hand-cut collage, mixed-media print techniques, and the monochromatic colour palette of Prussian blue cyanotypes, creating otherworldly, surrealistic portraits suspended deep inside the paper’s surface.

Seeking to record and interpret the perspectives and human experience of my subjects, I shape their stories to construct a layered whole. Using rigorous research rituals – my methodology of collecting and interpreting data – I document their voices and visions, their authority, knowledge, struggles, and wisdom to create compelling narratives. This approach offers a rich and resonant means to honour the lives and legacies of women whose individual and collective accomplishments have enriched our lives.

In rendering them visible, they serve as a totem of strength. These inspirational and empowering figures symbolise emerging hope. The portraits are chronicles of enquiry, evolving through the dialogue between myself as the artist, the subject, and the viewer, with an aim to start conversations, break barriers, and appeal to intellect and emotion. I hope to inform and inspire by creating narratives that capture the richness, complexity, and dimensionality of human experience in a social and cultural context. Each one leads toward a quest for new understandings and valuable insights, as well as instigating a societal sea change.