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Gold and Metallic Leaf Cyanotypes

These distinctive original cyanotypes are hand finished with accents and colour blocks of 24-carat gold, copper, and zinc leaf, adding a touch of radiance to each handcrafted work.

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Amelia the AviatressAmelia the Aviatress
Philomela Under the Stars XLPhilomela Under the Stars XL
Hathor Queen Of the SunHathor Queen Of the Sun
Hathor Queen Of the Sun
Sale price£795
Amelia the AviatressAmelia the Aviatress
Hathor Goddess of the Sunset XLHathor Goddess of the Sunset XL
Hathor Goddess of the Sunset XL
Sold Sale price£5,500
Convergent Camouflage In GoldConvergent Camouflage In Gold
Convergent Camouflage In Gold
Sold Sale price£650
Hathor Queen Of The Sun XSHathor Queen Of The Sun XS
Siren Songs at SunsetSiren Songs at Sunset
Siren Songs at Sunset
Sold Sale price£750
Project Juno in GoldProject Juno in Gold
The Last Queen of FranceThe Last Queen of France
The Last Queen of France
Sale priceFrom £325
Boudicca Against the StarsBoudicca Against the Stars
Boudicca Against the Stars
Sold Sale priceFrom £350
Mystery of the Heavens StudyMystery of the Heavens Study
Mystery of the Heavens Study
Sold Sale price£525
Stellar AtmospheresStellar Atmospheres
To The Lighthouse Study In GoldTo The Lighthouse Study In Gold
The Language of Lovelace 3D
Sold Sale price£385
Stellar AtmospheresStellar Atmospheres
Dividing the Stars in 3-DDividing the Stars in 3-D
Dividing the Stars in 3-D
Sold Sale price£1,050
Lunar Etiquette in 3-DLunar Etiquette in 3-D
Lunar Etiquette in 3-D
Sold Sale price£725
When I Am No Longer a MemoryWhen I Am No Longer a Memory
The Widening of the Horizon As You ClimbThe Widening of the Horizon As You Climb
Hailing All Frequencies StudyHailing All Frequencies Study
Hathor Cosmic Sun GoddessHathor Cosmic Sun Goddess
Hathor Cosmic Sun Goddess
Sold Sale price£525
Queen of the Waves in Gold XLQueen of the Waves in Gold XL
Queen of the Waves in Gold XL
Sold Sale price£2,250
Hypatia's Scholarly World XLHypatia's Scholarly World XL
Hypatia's Scholarly World XL
Sold Sale price£2,750