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Art Inspired by Astronomers

Mapping the Celestial Frontier

Navigate the cosmos with these female pioneers who mapped the stars and expanded our understanding of the universe. Their brilliance shines as brightly as the celestial bodies they studied.

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The Widening of the Horizon As You ClimbThe Widening of the Horizon As You Climb
Hypatia's Celestial Studies IIHypatia's Celestial Studies II
Scanning The Mysteries Of The Heavens XSScanning The Mysteries Of The Heavens XS
Stellar Spectra and the Road Map to the MoonStellar Spectra and the Road Map to the Moon
Hypatia's Celestial CalculationsHypatia's Celestial Calculations
Hypatia's Celestial Calculations
Sold Sale price£225
Stargazing and TrailblazingStargazing and Trailblazing
Stellar AtmospheresStellar Atmospheres
Hypatia's Scholarly WorldHypatia's Scholarly World
Unlocking the Mysteries of the UniverseUnlocking the Mysteries of the Universe
Heavenly HypatiaHeavenly Hypatia
Scottish StargazerScottish Stargazer
Scottish Stargazer
Study on Porcelain
Sold Sale price£325
Hypatia Studies the StarsHypatia Studies the Stars
Stellar AtmospheresStellar Atmospheres
Hypatia's Celestial Studies IlHypatia's Celestial Studies Il
Dividing the Stars in 3-DDividing the Stars in 3-D
Dividing the Stars in 3-D
Sold Sale price£1,050
Stellar AtmospheresStellar Atmospheres
Hypatia Maps the StarsHypatia Maps the Stars
Hypatia Maps the Stars
Sold Sale price£595
What It Means to Walk on AirWhat It Means to Walk on Air
Of Numbers and StarsOf Numbers and Stars
Of Numbers and Stars
Hypatia's Story
Sold Sale price£225
Scanning the Mysteries of the HeavensScanning the Mysteries of the Heavens
Hypatia's Scholarly World XLHypatia's Scholarly World XL
Hypatia's Scholarly World XL
Sold Sale price£2,750
The Galactic NovaeThe Galactic Novae
Mystery of the Heavens StudyMystery of the Heavens Study
Mystery of the Heavens Study
Sold Sale price£525
Hypatia Studies the Stars IlHypatia Studies the Stars Il
Hypatia Studies the Stars Il
Sold Sale price£725