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Scottish Stargazer

Study on Porcelain

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In the frame

Frames are handmade by a London based design team

High quality finish

The wooden frame is primed, sanded, and sprayed with soft-sheen black or white paint for a premium finish.

Museum-grade glass

All frames come with gallery spec, 2mm thick anti-reflective/ UV glazing as standard.

Snow-white mount

The artwork floats above a snow-white mount board, showcasing the paper texture and deckled edging.

Scottish Stargazer
‘Williamina Fleming's legacy illuminates the path for those who chase the unknown, daring to decipher the constellations of their dreams.’

Inspired by Williamina Fleming

The classic elegance of silver gelatin discs

Silver gelatin discs, a cornerstone in the realm of photographic expression, embody the traditional essence of monochrome imagery.

This venerable method involves coating discs with a gelatin emulsion containing light-sensitive silver halides. The disc is then exposed to light, creating a tactile representation of light and shadow.

Scottish Stargazer is a unique, one-of-a-kind creation crafted on paper porcelain disk, accompanied by a signed certificate of authenticity.

Scottish Stargazer