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3D Papercut Cyanotypes

3D papercut original cyanotypes bring historical female figures to life through hand cut collage and intricate layering inside these dioramas, adding a tactile depth that mirrors the multifaceted lives of the women they honour.

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Queen BoudiccaQueen Boudicca
Horizons of FreedomHorizons of Freedom
Warrior SpiritWarrior Spirit
Stellar WaltzStellar Waltz
Frontiers in Feathered HealthFrontiers in Feathered Health
Wild and Fearless StudyWild and Fearless Study
A Reign of Decadence and DefianceA Reign of Decadence and Defiance
Song of Selene StudySong of Selene Study
On the Wings of CourageOn the Wings of Courage
Wings and the Woman StudyWings and the Woman Study
The Tale of Beatrix PotterThe Tale of Beatrix Potter
The Tale of Beatrix Potter
Sold Sale price£10,000
Wings of WellnessWings of Wellness
Beatrix's Fantastical WorldBeatrix's Fantastical World
Orbital Echoes StudyOrbital Echoes Study
Poppies in October XLPoppies in October XL
Metamorphosis of Marie II XLMetamorphosis of Marie II XL
In The Pursuit Of KnowledgeIn The Pursuit Of Knowledge
Queen BessieQueen Bessie
Poppies in OctoberPoppies in October
The Flowering Genius XLThe Flowering Genius XL
A Wild and Fearless LifeA Wild and Fearless Life
On the Wings of CourageOn the Wings of Courage
Orbital EchoesOrbital Echoes