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Presenting Mythological Figures

Mythic Journeys of Empowerment and Inspiration

Revel in the stories of powerful and inspiring women from ancient myths and legends. These artistic creations breathe life into the timeless stories of goddesses, heroines, and enchantresses, witness their strength, wisdom, and beauty that have captivated human imagination for centuries.

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Musings at MidnightMusings at Midnight
Musings at Midnight
Study on Porcelain
Sold Sale price$405.00
Hathor Queen Of The Sun XSHathor Queen Of The Sun XS
Hathor Queen Of The Sun XS
Sold Sale price$330.00
Aphrodite in the Deep BlueAphrodite in the Deep Blue
Aphrodite in the Deep Blue
Sale price$368.00
Siren SongsSiren Songs
Siren Songs
Golden Circle
Sale price$903.00
Siren SongsSiren Songs
Celestial SymphonyCelestial Symphony
Celestial Symphony
Ode to Selene
Sold Sale price$2,054.00
Musings in HeavenMusings in Heaven
Song of SeleneSong of Selene
Song of Selene
Sale price$6,846.00
The Heavenly Realm of SeleneThe Heavenly Realm of Selene
The Heavenly Realm of Selene
Sale price$9,957.00
Circular Musings in Heaven Il XLCircular Musings in Heaven Il XL
Hathor Under the Moonlight XLHathor Under the Moonlight XL
Hathor Under the Moonlight XL
Sale price$3,174.00
Hathor At DawnHathor At Dawn
Hathor At Dawn
Sold Sale price$2,179.00
Musings in HeavenMusings in Heaven
Athena's VictoryAthena's Victory
Philomela Over the Golden SkiesPhilomela Over the Golden Skies
Convergent CamouflageConvergent Camouflage
Convergent Camouflage
Ode to Gaia
Sold Sale price$809.00
Hathor Cosmic Sun GoddessHathor Cosmic Sun Goddess
Hathor Cosmic Sun Goddess
Sold Sale price$654.00
Siren Songs from the Seventh Circle XLSiren Songs from the Seventh Circle XL
Hathor Goddess of the Skies XLHathor Goddess of the Skies XL
Siren Songs at SunsetSiren Songs at Sunset
Siren Songs at Sunset
Sold Sale price$934.00
Hathor Goddess of the Sunset XLHathor Goddess of the Sunset XL
Siren Songs XLSiren Songs XL
Siren Songs XL
Sold Sale price$6,846.00