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Presenting Cyanotypes

A curated selection

Explore the art of cyanotype, an 18th-century photographic process that produces cyan-blue prints. Each cyanotype is unique and handcrafted on handmade paper. As expressions of female empowerment, the compositions blend collages, portraiture, photograms, and natural forms to construct visual narratives of the lives of remarkable trailblazing women.

Fresh from the studio

Showcasing new cyanotypes

Meet the game changers, the rule breakers, and the innovators in this collection of new original cyanotypes.

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Welcome to a new character series

The wonderful world of Beatrix Potter

This new character series is inspired by the beloved English author, illustrator, conservationist, and mycologist.

Explore Beatrix Potter

Take a leap of faith

Tiny Broadwick, the fearless skydiving adventurer just dropped in.

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A spotlight on 3D papercuts

Intricate hand-cut multi-layered pieces

Reveal the stories behind remarkable women with layered hand-cut collages, bringing historical figures to life.

Reveal all 3D papercuts

The blueprints of code

Cyanotypes on computer punch cards

These creations pay homage to the early women programmers whose work laid the foundation for the digital age.

Cyanotype mini's

Good things — small packages

A brief anthology of miniature cyanotypes, celebrating grand lives.

Go small or go home   →

Salute the women of NASA

From hidden trajectory calculators to pioneering astronauts, the remarkable women of NASA challenged norms and propelled us into a spacefaring future.

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Original shimmering icons

Delve into all gold leaf cyanotypes

Each of these original cyanotypes is finished with accents and colour blocks of 22-ct and 24-ct gold leaf.

And all that glitters...

More metallic finishes for you to enjoy.

Copper Leaf

Dyed Silver Leaf

Moon Gold Leaf

Zinc Leaf

White Gold Leaf