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Introducing Scientists

Groundbreakers of Knowledge

Discover the brilliant women who have reshaped our understanding of the world, breaking barriers and sparking innovation in every field of science.


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Lady Lepidopterist StudyLady Lepidopterist Study
Unlocking the Mysteries of the UniverseUnlocking the Mysteries of the Universe
Project Juno In 3-DProject Juno In 3-D
Project Juno In 3-D
Helen's Flight
Sold Sale price$467.00
Seize The Moment StudySeize The Moment Study
Metamorphosis of Marie II XLMetamorphosis of Marie II XL
Metamorphosis of Marie II XL
Sale price$4,668.00
Anning's Ammonite StudyAnning's Ammonite Study
Anning's Ammonite Study
Sale price$405.00
Metamorphosis Of MarieMetamorphosis Of Marie
Metamorphosis Of Marie
Study In White
Sold Sale price$716.00
Atomic (Madame Curie Study)Atomic (Madame Curie Study)
Circular Nobel Marie StudyCircular Nobel Marie Study
Circular Nobel Marie Study
Sale price$741.00
In The Pursuit Of KnowledgeIn The Pursuit Of Knowledge
The Flowering Genius StudyThe Flowering Genius Study
Metamorphosis of Marie XSMetamorphosis of Marie XS
Metamorphosis of Marie XS
Sale price$492.00
Seize The Moment XS StudySeize The Moment XS Study
Scanning The Mysteries Of The Heavens XSScanning The Mysteries Of The Heavens XS
Lady Lepidopterist DiptychLady Lepidopterist Diptych
Lady Lepidopterist Diptych
Sold Sale price$2,179.00
Burning the Midnight OilBurning the Midnight Oil
Maria's MetamorphosisMaria's Metamorphosis
Maria's Metamorphosis
In 3-D
Sold Sale price$1,370.00
The Age of DiscoveryThe Age of Discovery
The Age of Discovery
Ode to Maria Merian
Sold Sale price$4,350.00
The Beating of Girl Heart and Moth WingsThe Beating of Girl Heart and Moth Wings
A Wild and Fearless LifeA Wild and Fearless Life
Lady Lepidopterist Study in 3-DLady Lepidopterist Study in 3-D
Preserving the Moment XLPreserving the Moment XL
The Flowering Genius XLThe Flowering Genius XL
The Flowering Genius XL
Ode to Maria Merian
Sold Sale price$11,824.00
Nobel Marie Study in Gold XLNobel Marie Study in Gold XL
Nobel Marie Study in Gold XL
Sold Sale price$2,801.00