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Art Inspired by Literary Ladies

Masterful Women's Voices

Delve into the worlds crafted by the pens of exceptional women writers. Through their literary prowess, they have not only enriched the world of words but have also transformed it into a space where diverse voices are recognised and celebrated, inspiring generations of women to wield the written word as a powerful tool for social change and self-expression.

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Reverie In a Bell JarReverie In a Bell Jar
To the Lighthouse StudyTo the Lighthouse Study
The Three SistersThe Three Sisters
Poppies in October XSPoppies in October XS
The Tale of Beatrix PotterThe Tale of Beatrix Potter
The Tale of Beatrix Potter
Sold Sale price£10,000
The Colossus WithinThe Colossus Within
The Colossus Within
Sylvia's Inner World
Sold Sale price£1,750
The Lady and Her MonsterThe Lady and Her Monster
The Lady and Her Monster
Stormy Skies Study
Sold Sale priceFrom £650
Poppies in OctoberPoppies in October
Sketches In Nature StudySketches In Nature Study
Reflections of Resilience StudyReflections of Resilience Study
The Art Of ConservationThe Art Of Conservation
Portrait of the Three SistersPortrait of the Three Sisters
Portrait of the Three Sisters
Sold Sale price£1,850
Poppies in October XLPoppies in October XL
To The Lighthouse Study In GoldTo The Lighthouse Study In Gold
Love Lost and RestoredLove Lost and Restored
The Three Sisters Bathed in Moonlight XLThe Three Sisters Bathed in Moonlight XL
Poppies in OctoberPoppies in October
The Lady and Her Monsters IlThe Lady and Her Monsters Il
Mary's Modern MythMary's Modern Myth
Mary's Modern Myth
Midnight Study
Sold Sale price£2,950
Beatrix's Fantastical World StudyBeatrix's Fantastical World Study
Beatrix's Fantastical World Study
Sold Sale price£995
The Three SistersThe Three Sisters
Beatrix's Fantastical WorldBeatrix's Fantastical World
Sketches in NatureSketches in Nature
Sketches in Nature
Ode to Beatrix Potter
Sold Sale price£1,050
Mary's Modern PrometheusMary's Modern Prometheus