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Art Inspired by Natural History Trailblazers

Exploring the Earth's Wonders

Follow in the footsteps of these intrepid female explorers, their work illuminates the wonders of Earth's flora and fauna with their insatiable curiosity and boundless passion. Their dedication to exploration, research, and conservation paved the way for a deeper connection to the earth and its creatures.

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A Wild and Fearless LifeA Wild and Fearless Life
In The Pursuit Of KnowledgeIn The Pursuit Of Knowledge
The Tale of Beatrix PotterThe Tale of Beatrix Potter
The Tale of Beatrix Potter
Sale price£10,000
Maria's MetamorphosisMaria's Metamorphosis
Maria's Metamorphosis
In 3-D
Sold Sale price£1,100
Princess of PalaeontologyPrincess of Palaeontology
Princess of Palaeontology in 3-DPrincess of Palaeontology in 3-D
Lady Lepidopterist StudyLady Lepidopterist Study
The Flowering Genius StudyThe Flowering Genius Study
Far Out into the WildernessFar Out into the Wilderness
Anning's Ammonite StudyAnning's Ammonite Study
Anning's Ammonite Study
Sold Sale price£495
Rare and Wondrous ThingsRare and Wondrous Things
The Age of DiscoveryThe Age of Discovery
The Age of Discovery
Ode to Maria Merian
Sold Sale price£3,495
Flora, Fauna and FortitudeFlora, Fauna and Fortitude
Lady Lepidopterist Study in 3-DLady Lepidopterist Study in 3-D
The Art Of ConservationThe Art Of Conservation
The Beating of Girl Heart and Moth WingsThe Beating of Girl Heart and Moth Wings
Preserving the Moment XLPreserving the Moment XL
Sketches In Nature StudySketches In Nature Study
In the Pursuit of KnowledgeIn the Pursuit of Knowledge
Beatrix's Fantastical World StudyBeatrix's Fantastical World Study
Beatrix's Fantastical World Study
Sold Sale price£995
The Flowering Genius XLThe Flowering Genius XL
Love Among the ButterfliesLove Among the Butterflies
Lady Lepidopterist DiptychLady Lepidopterist Diptych
Lady Lepidopterist Diptych
Sold Sale price£1,750
Remarkable CreaturesRemarkable Creatures
Remarkable Creatures
Ode to Mary Anning
Sold Sale price£1,050