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Article: A Night to Remember: My First US Solo Show

A Night to Remember: My First US Solo Show

A Night to Remember: My First US Solo Show

Last Saturday marked a significant milestone in my artistic journey as I attended the opening night of my first US solo show, "Heliocentric," at Taylor Fine Art in the Culver City Arts District, Los Angeles. It was a fantastic, fun-filled night brimming with love, support, and celebration.

The energy in the room was electric as I mingled with current collectors and met new ones who expressed genuine interest and enthusiasm for my work. The warm reception was overwhelming, and I am deeply grateful for the support that has been shown to me. A few pieces have already found new homes, and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

One of the highlights of the evening was introducing new characters in my work: Marie Clarke Taylor, Christine Darden and Caroline Herschell. These women embody the spirit of female empowerment, a central theme in my art.

Marie Clarke Taylor was a pioneering botanist and educator who became the first woman of colour to earn a Ph.D. in botany from Fordham University.
Read the info sheet

Christine Darden, a brilliant aerospace engineer and mathematician, made significant contributions to NASA’s supersonic flight research.
Read the info sheet

Caroline Herschell, a luminary in the field of astronomy, stands as a towering figure in the history of science.
Read the info sheet

The team at the gallery, led by the incredible Candice Taylor, were phenomenal. They orchestrated a wonderful and fun event that perfectly encapsulated the essence of my exhibition. As a female black-owned gallery, their commitment to creating a supportive and vibrant space for artists is truly inspiring. I am so pleased and honoured to have had the opportunity to showcase my work in such a dynamic and welcoming environment.

The diversity of the attendees added to the evening's magic. It was a beautiful sight to see so many collectors, friends and family coming together to celebrate my art and the powerful stories behind it. There was a strong sense of community and a deep shared appreciation, making the night even more special.

The exhibition "Heliocentric" will be on display until 27th July. It explores the intersection of historical narratives and artistic expression through cyanotypes, a unique photographic process that uses sunlight to develop cyan-blue images. This series celebrates trailblazing women who have often been overlooked, casting their legacies in a new light. The sun, a recurring motif in my work, symbolises enlightenment, visibility, and life, bringing these influential figures out of the shadows and into the forefront of our collective memory.

Here is the catalogue of what is on show. View the catalogue >>

If you wish to discuss a piece or arrange a gallery viewing, please get in touch with Candice at

Hosting my first US solo show in Los Angeles, a city renowned for its abundant sunshine, felt especially fitting. It symbolises the bright and vibrant recognition these women deserve. I'm proud to continue sharing this journey with you and celebrating the incredible impact of these trailblazing women.

Thank you once again for your unwavering support and for making the opening night of "Heliocentric" an unforgettable experience.


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