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Springing Forward - Virtual Global Exhibition curated by Gita Joshi.

The question remains for all of us -how do we move forward in a time like this? Each artist included in Springing Forward does not give us answers to this question, but instead beautifully offers us possibilities.

These scenes of interior life, intimate spaces, contemplative figures, and proud portraits capture the hopeful potential in continuing our daily rituals and sustaining ourselves, as we move forward towards challenging changes and necessary growth. Each painting, collage, or mixed-media piece is a starting point, a place to begin, a possibility for perseverance on one’s own terms. — Christina Nafziger, Editor and Arts Writer

Guest curator Gita Joshi is an independent curator, an award-winning art dealer, and the host of The Curator’s Salon - a podcast and website focussing on the art world with advice for early and mid-career artists.

She says “There are more artists than galleries could ever manage today. And if you are an artist, you are best positioned to show your art and reach an appreciative audience directly. Artists are the best advocates of their work and need to learn to become their own agents. The idea that you must have a gallery for any kind of success is an outdated one. Sadly this idea keeps artists stuck and unseen, when in fact the tools and resources to exhibit and sell their work is available to them right now.”

View the exhibiting artist list here>>

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