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Article: Art Seen: The Curator's Salon Magazine

Art Seen: The Curator's Salon Magazine

Art Seen: The Curator's Salon Magazine

Art Seen is the new publication from The Curator’s Salon, bringing together over 50 contemporary artists from around the world to talk about their work, influences, purpose and everything else.

This debut edition of Art Seen, The Curator’s Salon Magazine, showcases some of the most talented contemporary artists to know right now, from painters, sculptors, and printmakers to collage artists working today.

This publication presents:

  • Conversations between artists and curators

  • Stories behind the artworks and the artists practice including bold and stunning visuals

  • The way different cultures and life experiences influence an artist's style and technique

  • Studio spaces in their most natural form

Inside the publication you will discover artists from around the world, working across a number of disciplines, and learn about contemporary art and artists.

Art Seen is curated and edited by award winning art dealer, and independent curator, Gita Joshi.


Read the pdf of the magazine here>>

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