Invest in Art with Saatchi Art’s Chief Curator

Saatchi Art’s Chief Curator Rebecca Wilson talks through what to look for when investing in emerging artists at the Other Art Fair's Global Virtual Edition, recommending Chloe McCarrick.

The artist is Chloe McCarrick, who's from London, and I wanted to mention Chloe's work for a number of reasons. One is that she makes cyanotypes which are a form of printing. She spends a lot of time in the darkroom combining chemicals in order to create the cyanotypes, blending art and science.

Each print is a monotype, there's only one, so there is some similarity you might see in her portfolio, and as you look at her work you will see similar subject matter, but each one is a completely different work, and that's an important thing to bear in mind about the cyanotypes that she makes.

I'm also interested in her subjects. She's very interested in female empowerment and historical figures who have defied gender roles, for example, the pilot Amelia Earhart and the physicist Mary Curie are two of the subjects that she is continually drawn to.

There's a lovely gold leaf often applied, and she makes original pieces as well as prints, using the same cyanotype negative, creating these sort of 3d dimensional collage pieces as well.

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